Saturday, 2 May 2009

So much work and little time!!

So much work and little time left only 3 weeks till my degree show lots and lots of sequins to sew, paper work to fill and essays to complete.
this is my sequin sick that i am making with sewing sequins, i want it to be about size A1 this is at the moment just bigger than a A4 sheet its taken forever but it needs to be done!
these are my sickly emotional colours, so complete the sick, also to fill in a picture of me, shown on an older post with these and i need to sew some slash backs too.
this is a section of my wall in my room showing all my plans i got to do within the deadline of my final 3 years all down to this!! its so scary and stressful but when its over i bet i miss the pressure of a deadline!


  1. wow. that looks super long & tiersome to do! but it looks so good!

  2. Beautiful love :) keep at it.

    journey!!!!!! <3

  3. ahh so many sequins! excited!!

  4. oh gosh my paper heart. your sequined vomit looks ever so beautiful... and the pictures you have taken of it are truly amazing. you are so amazing. so please can you not be stressed.
    i hope that you and your love have been having a wonderful reunion.
    i am missing you truly and cannot wait for our reunion.

    love forever