Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Fashion and Secret Blog Friends

I took these photo the other night, when i did my make-up really and and actually made an effort as it was a really sunny day so i wore my summery dress out and my hair in back combed bunches. also i borough purple lipstick the other day so i always wear it now, and my eye Shadow is the wonderful urban decay i love it and it stays on all day which is great.
Cranberry Juice and orange flavoured vodka is the trick, lol

These photos are from my one of my best friends 22ND bday party she has a blog, you might have seen her before, if not here's a link she might kill me for putting a photo of her on here,

Also us four have blogs here is a link to one of them i have to ask if i can put the other link on here just in case she don't like the photo that i have chosen to show. Any ways i had a really fun time on Saturday night i think it was because of my new hat!!! its from river island not my favourite store but i wanted it for ages. whoop!!
This picture below is taking in the girls loos in club, with a funny angled mirror, some times if you get the angle right i can get a really cool picture with the flash light making a ring around our bodies but it didn't work on Saturday night.

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