Thursday, 28 January 2010

1118 Days Of James

James has travailing to Falklands today over 20hours flight. I don't miss him yet but i will do when it sinks in, that i not seeing him for 6months.
500 days of summer is my early Valentine present from James, we went to the cinema together to watch it. I love it, its so cute and adorable film. AND James actually liked it. Since watching it we have played PENIS games who shouts it the loudest in Nottingham market square it was so funny, we had lots of looks. It was a good time!!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Brighton rush

Sugar Rush is Amazing don't know many people that did watch the series in 2005. It was filmed in Brighton. Where i went at the weekend with James.
I tried to take a section of photos which summed up our weekend. Even tho i look like a Larry as James was camera shy.

We had some much fun on the 2p machine we spend£4 and won 8 toys well key rings it was so addictive. Love it

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Fantasy bubble, a world of acrobats, strength and imagination.

A leak, drip,drip,drip birds sounds and crickets.

Rows of red seats, patient customers, excited waiting for the show to start.

Stilts, scaffold step blacked coated evil walking up.

I brought this book, i was naughty buying this book but i need a threat.
These are just some pictures taken out the book.
I inspired by the vibrate colours and weird but wonderful costumes

Monday, 11 January 2010

Too much spare time!

Spare time to do thing I never have time for. Like taking beautiful photo for my post. Reading Twilight still I know i am a slow reader but I have seen the films so I not that behind.
I have my induction at another gym tonight a bit scared cos of all the hunky men there, where i just blush is they see me checking out their arms. hehe!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

House bound

My poor guinea pigs Steve and Barney out in the cold night and day. i had them in for 2 hours yesterday. they both fell asleep on the sofa. Steve posing
James came to visit before he goes to Falklands for 6 months. he made me walk to the pub in the snow!

Barney itchy foot

My car not moved for about 4 days.

Barney and Steve made out of snow helped with buttons for eyes and glitter for a bit of colour.

Me Making my snow guinea pigs

Blog didn't work very well so all my pictures are mixed up.

Monday, 4 January 2010

This is Fate.

Empty, clean walls to fill. space for me to follow my dreams . need to focus. and not hold back
Being a rebel is not me any more.
Playing with close friends, time to do so. Time to have fun.

Hiding what i really wanted to do for so long, time to show my really colours.

This is fate, i lost my job today as a Au pair. someone is telling me to focus on my dreams. and don't hold back! top photo second photo (warning over 18 only)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day dreaming

Happy new year everyone. start of an new calender, diary. exciting writing the important dates to remember.
new presents placed in my bedroom. glitter from Christmas cards cover my carpet.
Making new year resolutions. one of mine is do more murals and advertise more.
My disco ball bounces light around my walls. ooo that's is also snow outside

Flowing my dreams to be a Scenic artist and attempt to get into Rada, London Scenic art course in September lots of work to do. I miss deadline from leaving university so this will be fun, want to do more art!! so stop day dreaming!