Monday, 30 January 2012

Its 2012

 Pigs Pigs Pigs an amazing shot, caught it just before they moved!

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 OMG it has been ages since i last blogged on here, new year i need to blog at least every 2 weeks!!

So these are a collection of photos i took over the xmas break.
i got a new camara so need to use it lots!

I moved house start of January, i got a smaller room, no desk (which i miss so much) but it is a much warmer house and i cant wait to decorate my room.

New Year i went to a Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the chocolate factory theme party, it was amazing there were sweets, umpelompers (cant spell) not to many Alice's, ramdom large plaing cards hung of the ceiling and paper birds flying! the music was so good even tho i didnt dance much as i spoke to granpa from charlie abd chocolate factory and his girlfirend also alice. James (my BF Ahhh) went as the mad hatter i made him a hat to wear, with wa ace!!

Steve, Barney and Jester are all settlked in now. Jester got lots of compition around here so he been getting in trouble wih other cats, he make friends soon.

This picture i love its over James flat, i love how my dress is the same colour as the toilet, toilet roll and the cat wanted to get in the photo too.