Sunday, 31 May 2009

Look what i found!

These are some Art what i recently found and they are so cool! just thought i share them.

These are my favorite, really clever. Bet it was hard to take it off!
Camouflage so amazing!

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Love Story

West Side Story, musical set in New York with gangs warfare includes hints of the modern tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. It is very moving film, i been listen to the soundtrack recently i love singing along to it.The amazing dancing and the remarkable, groundbreaking choreography of showing emotion within the dancing.
Daz 4 Zoe by Robert Swindells is an young adult novel which i studied when i was doing my GCSE, reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. By two lovers being separated by two sides of a fence the posh side and the rough side. i recommend a read.The classic Romeo and Juliet nothing to say everyone knows the story.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Summer Sun *

Summer Sun indeed! been in the park all day with my best friends. Chatting, laughing and burning!!! These we did each other classic poses this is nicola pose, we all took turns with wearing her glasses.I want to get a tan, but i never do i too pastie :(
Charlotte Classic pose with the added sun glasses.

My Subway, Tuna sub of the day. With lettuce, sweetcorn and black olives, YUMMY!

Soaking the sun up

Oh i went in toy shop today and got a Bert doll from Mary Poppins, its amazing! i want Mary as well, so need to keep m eye out for her.

The Triangle mix up, i got too much time on my hands, sorry girls hope you like them HaHaHa!!!(evil laugh)!!!both Nicola and Charlotte links are under, stars within my eyes along right side.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Get your 3D glasses out!

Went to watch Coraline today in 3D it was so good the animation was amazing, storyline was good too. It was a bit scary for a 8 year old though. i defo see it again. maybe not in 3D i had a head ache at the end.I got tagged by inside the cabinet of wonder to write about my 5 obsessions at the moment. so hear they are.
1. Buttons i found two yesterday on the floor near university i find roughly 5 per month i stick them to the edge of my computer screen. they are mostly black and dull colours but sometimes i find really pretty ones.

2. Kelly Clarkson: Love her new album and got all of the others. i love to sing really loud in the shower to her songs, i don't care if any one hears me or if i forget the lyrics and make them up.3. Wedding Belles: Channel 4 drama really good story line and its funny but lots of swearing in it but i recommend watching it.4. Oliver: Bought it on DVD the other day need to add it to my musical list.i wish i could sing like Nancy but less of a Londoner!

My favorite scene ever!! (above)

5. Adolf Loos essay Ornamental and Crime, really good read very interesting. read it about 5 times research it!So i tag accidentalheartbreak, lulustaaar , primthings. to write about 5 obsessions.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

F**** Me! I finally Finished

Oh my i all done. been up since 5am sewing sequins today to get it done. My left index finger is sore. but glad its all over but i am going to miss all the great friends i have made and the atmosphere in a studio.
This work is called " Letting them escape my body" its about detoxing my inner emotions. also concept between pretty/ugly.

8 weeks worth of sewing, £200 worth of sequins from and roughly 3000 sequins.

off to pub tonight to chillelax! and to party!! woop woop!!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Gone again!

Sorry i not done a post in ages been so busy, James was home for 2 whole weeks, plus i been really hectic at university ONLY A WEEK TILL DEADLINE!! but all going to plan, i not stressed honest ahhhhhh!!!!!! A rainy day last week, i helped him pack to go back to Afghan it is one of those moments when we sat and starred out of the window for long time, just talking and wishing we have another 2 weeks together.
James helping me paint my wall at uni for my exhibition. i didn't want to break my new nails that i have been growing for a month now. Ive never grown them before. i am a nail bitter.
Book's i bought him for when he bored something to get his teeth into.

Even Heavier, its stupid
One night when we got very drunk and crashed a stag do! with some blow up naughty toys and the ugly-est stripper i have ever seen, i could of done better lol!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Studio Work

This is me today, working away, sequincing my stretched sick face. this is my final piece only 20 days to go till deadline at 4pm, i in early tomorrow to carry on working at it. gonna take ages!! but be worth it, i hope.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

James Is home!

Finally my Boyfriend James is home from Afghan for a whole two weeks, two weeks with me, me and my stress-ie uni work. Bad timing!! oh well i do not care i missed him so so much its so nice to have a cuddle and get a cuppa tea man for me in the morning even tho i dont always drink it and let in go cold. he gone out tonight to catch up with mates and have a lads night at the pub. we planning a evening together tomorrow really wanna go out for dinner.

These photos below are some of my favourites i took of him, us and day pictures on our weird but wonderful outing together.

bottom right was the 2ND time i ever seen him at a house party.

Random photo taken when we were driving down from Nottingham to Kent in the winter.
Taken at Hasting Beach when we played crazy golf on a cold windy day in December.

Hyde Park London in summer 2008 he hate London but i Love it, he just wanted to go to have tea with the Queen.
Alton Towers Summer 2008 on a rainy day least there was no queues for the rides.
Roses from our first valentine together even tho he was away on the day but he made up for it the following week.
i stop being soppy now i so sorry.