Sunday, 14 August 2011

Brighton Pride, Market Day

Had a really good day, had loads of interest, so i hope i get lots of commisioned work to do.

Elsie sold all here lesban ladybugs, so funny the drunker she got the selling story for thr ladybugs got worst, i should of filmed it!!

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Sunday, 7 August 2011

6 Days to go!!

Market Day, 3 friends and i are doing a stall for Brighton Pride, elsie hand made lady bugs, gill erotic uv postcard, alexa illustation and me well my work. if you wanna see.

so this is my design for the stall, what you think?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

an exciting week, been painting for a least 3 hours a day, as i hopefully get a stall for Pride, In Brighton, It would be amazing, I'm gonna dress up in Burlesque and wear my hair above. All my new work is on my other blog where i update most days with new work.

Brucy came round yesterday to mend my bike as i had a flat tyre, then we went for a walk along the beach as it was a so so hot day.

Steve Barney and Jester up to mistrive exspically Jester as normally, he play with the mouse on the computer screen as i speak.

So thats me all updated with you, speak soon xx

Excusse the Spelling cant seem to change it!!

Also do you Know The Secret???