Thursday, 29 April 2010


I hate seagulls
And I hate being sick
I hate burning my finger on the toaster
And I hate knits
I hate falling over
I hate grazing my knee
I hate picking off the scab a little bit too early
I hate getting toothache
I hate when it's a piss take
I hate all the mistakes I make
I hate rude ignorant bastards
And I hate snobbery
I hate anyone who if I was serving chips wouldn't talk to me
I have a friend
With whom I like to spend
Any time I can find with
I like sleeping in your bed
I like knowing what is going on inside your head
I like taking time and I like your mind
And I like when your hand is in mine
I like getting drunk on the tunes by the beach
I like picking strawberries
I like cream teas and I like reading ghost stories
And my heart skips a beat every time that we met
It's been a while and now your smile is almost like a memory
But then you're back and I am fine 'cause you're with me and I'm in love with you
And I can't find the words to make it sound unique
But honestly you make me strong
I can't believe I've found someone this kind
I hope you'll carry on
'Cause you're so nice and I'm in love with you..

Love these lyrics, Kate Nash I hate seagulls.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cream teas anyone?

I have finally after 3 months found and successful got a job. Its in a little tea room in a village called Chilham. i been on my own most days. making fresh scones each morning, making sandwiched and cakes. also serving customers, most of them are little e old ladies come out for a cream tea.. i loving it. i want to own my own tea room now.
oh Kate Nash new album is amazing!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Its painting time

Very busy at the weekend, i Painted a wisteria on my auntie wall. it was so fun to do, specially in the sun i didn't get any tan tho as i so pale I'm almost see through.
also went out for Charlotte birthday C party i went as a circus ringleader it was so fun i love fancy dress!!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

38 days to go.

38 days to go until James is home for 10 days break from Falklands. i cant wait for him to come home its been 4 months since i seen him. but we talk on phone and email thought facebook. i thought i just pick some old photo of him especially they 2004 when he was 15 he looks so funny weird the stages you go through in style. it weird because when he dressed like that i was going through a punk stage as well i will give you an embarrassing sneak peak.

This is me 2006 ages 19 i will never cut my hair that short again.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Windy Windy day, went to rare breed centre again. I love going there as your can tickle all the animals, as it was lambing season we watch a sheep give birth it was so cute watching the lamb trying to stand up. There were lots of tiny piglets wanted to take them home with me. i was disappointed the butterfly room was closed til next month as they are the most interesting colour and great to photograph. i will prob go again soon tho. cant wait already!

Friday, 9 April 2010


Really sunny day, Steve is running free in the garden cutting the grass for me,
I was thinking today i would wear an item of clothing what i never wear so i put on the dress i got it from COW in Nottingham retro shop for £12 bargain last spring and i never worn it until today. Taking photos in the morning sun my heal getting stuck in the mud. And Steve munching dead leaves under the red robin tree