Friday, 29 May 2009

Summer Sun *

Summer Sun indeed! been in the park all day with my best friends. Chatting, laughing and burning!!! These we did each other classic poses this is nicola pose, we all took turns with wearing her glasses.I want to get a tan, but i never do i too pastie :(
Charlotte Classic pose with the added sun glasses.

My Subway, Tuna sub of the day. With lettuce, sweetcorn and black olives, YUMMY!

Soaking the sun up

Oh i went in toy shop today and got a Bert doll from Mary Poppins, its amazing! i want Mary as well, so need to keep m eye out for her.

The Triangle mix up, i got too much time on my hands, sorry girls hope you like them HaHaHa!!!(evil laugh)!!!both Nicola and Charlotte links are under, stars within my eyes along right side.


  1. what fun you ladies had! haha love the poses:]

  2. the picture of the lady bug is so beautiful (:

  3. hahaha oh what cute pics! looks like a fun day. i love the layout of your blog too.

  4. You and your friends are so cute! I'm sorry but I have no idea where those tights are from!

  5. I recognized your friend from The Tea Drinking English Rose!! How crazy is that?? This blog world is making my head spin!! Cute photos though, so happy you got that Bert doll!! Hello from the US!