Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Gone again!

Sorry i not done a post in ages been so busy, James was home for 2 whole weeks, plus i been really hectic at university ONLY A WEEK TILL DEADLINE!! but all going to plan, i not stressed honest ahhhhhh!!!!!! A rainy day last week, i helped him pack to go back to Afghan it is one of those moments when we sat and starred out of the window for long time, just talking and wishing we have another 2 weeks together.
James helping me paint my wall at uni for my exhibition. i didn't want to break my new nails that i have been growing for a month now. Ive never grown them before. i am a nail bitter.
Book's i bought him for when he bored something to get his teeth into.

Even Heavier, its stupid
One night when we got very drunk and crashed a stag do! with some blow up naughty toys and the ugly-est stripper i have ever seen, i could of done better lol!

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