Thursday, 28 May 2009

Get your 3D glasses out!

Went to watch Coraline today in 3D it was so good the animation was amazing, storyline was good too. It was a bit scary for a 8 year old though. i defo see it again. maybe not in 3D i had a head ache at the end.I got tagged by inside the cabinet of wonder to write about my 5 obsessions at the moment. so hear they are.
1. Buttons i found two yesterday on the floor near university i find roughly 5 per month i stick them to the edge of my computer screen. they are mostly black and dull colours but sometimes i find really pretty ones.

2. Kelly Clarkson: Love her new album and got all of the others. i love to sing really loud in the shower to her songs, i don't care if any one hears me or if i forget the lyrics and make them up.3. Wedding Belles: Channel 4 drama really good story line and its funny but lots of swearing in it but i recommend watching it.4. Oliver: Bought it on DVD the other day need to add it to my musical list.i wish i could sing like Nancy but less of a Londoner!

My favorite scene ever!! (above)

5. Adolf Loos essay Ornamental and Crime, really good read very interesting. read it about 5 times research it!So i tag accidentalheartbreak, lulustaaar , primthings. to write about 5 obsessions.


  1. i love coraline too! and indeed i love love!*

  2. awwww i love oliver!
    your header picture is really cute :)