Monday, 27 July 2009

My GREAT New Job

This is my boat i work on in the morning picture at 8am, Nice and earlyLeaving the white cliffs of Dover to France

My kids area i work in, making Art and Craft all day for kids aged 5 to 11 year i love it, only a summer job tho :(

My buddy i work with is very proud of his rocket he made.
I made the telescope, my degree paid off lol
Sponge bob is very popular

Mask children and colour in and wear, been making these a lot.

Disney castle ready to be cover in characters when coloured in.

Our sea theme which i prepare from children to make sea creatures
My 1st attempted at face paint now i a pro done lots now, tigers and butterfly's very popular
Also i graduated last week this is my family. very good exciting day.

Friday, 24 July 2009

NO time

Hello, i sorry i not done a post for so so so long i got a new job and not had time to do anything else i will do a post on Monday (my day off) so i will put my picture and update what i have done then




Monday, 13 July 2009

Fun Filled day

Ive not really drawn for 2 years so the other day i drew a photos of me and James which i am going to send him. In a parcel full of sweets and bits.

Driving thought the countryside, so peaceful.

An 14Th century pub, we stopped for Sunday Roast.
Once again a busy bumble beeeee at work.
Rye castle

Rye Church
A bargain at the boot fair with Nicola for £5 a really old tin and.....Filled full of old buttons
Interesting buttons
Barney in the pansy's. so mischievous

I will give this award to hummmmmmm.......

teacupsandbows pink and pretty

fromlina enchanting

Friday, 10 July 2009

Being Creative

Just want to say Thank you for all of you following me, really appreciated it. hope you enjoy my post in the future.
Waiting for my new job to start on Thursday I've been pottering around the house doing little creative things.These glass jars, jugs i brought at a brickerbrak for 50p each at a village fete.

I filled the short fat one with a section of my small old buttons, to the brim, most of them i found.

The tall thin one, i filled with small glass beads and emptied on these little jars, might fill them with sequins.Also this is my new mini project. a photo i took from Grandad garden which i am tonal sequins to fill the picture.
Little secret if you glue a thin piece of fabric on card and print an picture on it, through your computer picture it transfers your photo onto fabric.

Monday, 6 July 2009

In touch with nature.

Found last year in in my summer student garden, didn't move, not even a flicker.

Pale pink rose, stunning. want to cover it in sequin.A grasshopper i found in my garden, so scared it was going to jump on me.
A county path leads to the unknown didn't walk , just sat and got sun beamed.A Butterfly trapped in my student flat last year, such beautiful colours.

Beautiful weeds, Horrible they might be but a hint of colour amongst the grass stands out from the green. A hint of colour that you cant miss.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Cream tea in the graveyard.

Summer I always indulge with lots of strawberries and ice cream and especially cream teas.
Sunday afternoon my family and i went to Pluckly the next village to my Nan and Grandads and they had afternoon cream tea avaible to help raise money for the church

If you don't no Pluckly is the most haunted place in Britain lots of story to be told. So it was surreal eating a luxurious cream tea amongst death.

Their where lots of u-trees planted with in the graveyard to represent life and death we sat near one.

This is a funny picture my dad is holding my up on a tree as i not strong enough to hold myself up as my bother did it so well he was just a show off.

Also early that day i around the country to see what i could find. i have an obsession with cows i would like to have one in my garden one day. These were so nice lots of calf's aswel this landscape looks over Folkstone on a clear day you can see the sea.
10 Honest things about me. Was given to me by one of my closes friends
insidethecabinetofwonder so here are mine.
1)I have two Guinea pigs Steve and Barney
2)I allergic to Guinea pigs and horses
3)I adore Julie Andrews
4)I love to cook big meals for lots of people
5) I still sleep with a cuddly toy ( to prevent Robert(he a rabbit) from getting dusty)
6) I start my new job soon as a Kids activity leader on P&O boats to France and back
7) I kept every single birthday card ever given to me
8) I hate mushrooms
9) I live with my Dad I am a Daddy's little girl
10) Humm!! cant stand cutting a mirage in a metal tin with a jagged knife
So i pass this on to.
Have Fun Sugar plums.