Tuesday, 5 May 2009

James Is home!

Finally my Boyfriend James is home from Afghan for a whole two weeks, two weeks with me, me and my stress-ie uni work. Bad timing!! oh well i do not care i missed him so so much its so nice to have a cuddle and get a cuppa tea man for me in the morning even tho i dont always drink it and let in go cold. he gone out tonight to catch up with mates and have a lads night at the pub. we planning a evening together tomorrow really wanna go out for dinner.

These photos below are some of my favourites i took of him, us and day pictures on our weird but wonderful outing together.

bottom right was the 2ND time i ever seen him at a house party.

Random photo taken when we were driving down from Nottingham to Kent in the winter.
Taken at Hasting Beach when we played crazy golf on a cold windy day in December.

Hyde Park London in summer 2008 he hate London but i Love it, he just wanted to go to have tea with the Queen.
Alton Towers Summer 2008 on a rainy day least there was no queues for the rides.
Roses from our first valentine together even tho he was away on the day but he made up for it the following week.
i stop being soppy now i so sorry.


  1. you two are cuties together!

  2. BLESS YA!!! aawww hope you have a lovely few weeks together! :):):)xxx