Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pink shoes

I know i done two post in one day but its a few hours in between.
i been shopping today didn't buy anything i love to try things on.
all these shoe where in the same colour but different designs. above is my favorite but i be over 6" if i worn these as i am 5"10 in flats that's the thing about being tall i cant wear really high heals as i be a giant to everyone.
wedges make my feet look clumpy but they where really comfy.
these are not my style make my feet look too long, but they have a nice heal.
these are the same design as the top pair so i love these ones too.
Hard choice!!

By the way these are all in New Look (poo look as i used to work in a store when i was 16yrs) if you like any of them


  1. OMG...i love the pink pointies...they look perfect for grad ball! not too high and perfect for jumping around to feeder!! I love how they have so many kinds in coral pink! I LOVE CORAL!!

  2. i lovee the color of the shoes, and the color of your toenails (: