Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Nobbley Bobbly

Nobbley Bobbly ice cream, really hot weather got some new sunglasses yesterday from Primark for £1, bargain! i not sun burnt yet and i normally do but i still white and pasty.

Went to my friends photography show, she did lots and lots of passport photos. they are grouped in section of look likeness from the photographer view

theteadrinkingenglishrose.blogspot.com/ Charlotte came to see the show as well as,
insidethecabinetofwonder Nicola these are our shoes below, they match our style and our personalities, I'm the pink leopard pints, Charlotte is the peach/pink and Nicola is the black ones.

I got this award from lovely fromlina so thank you.I will pass this award on to the following.
Enjoy xx


  1. The icecream looks soooooooooooo YUMMY!!!HIHI!!!

  2. ooh are you supposed to pass awards on?? i did not know this, i'm such a noob! Ruddy love knobbly bobblys :D

    can't wait to see you guys tommorow!!xxx

  3. Thanks! The pictures remind me of Amelie, I love that.

  4. love the shoes photos! hehe.
    welcome for the award:]

  5. that ice cream looks delicious (:
    &+ thank you sooo much for the award :D