Tuesday, 23 June 2009

My new pink desk.

I'm all unpacked now and settled in. This is my new desk my dad and Grandad made for me so i carry on with making work. This is a place to escape to if it need it.I know it is very pink but i painted my room myself when i was 16 but i still love it! its still my favourite colour.

Too many books not enough room. My Mandy annual i use for my sketch books but they are so hard to find need some more.

I found Bert a place to sit.This is some photos that are on my wall. Me when i was 8 years old and my boyfriend when he was little as well.
My Grandad ( same as below post) from when he was in the RAF.

My Dad at 15 years old i look like him a lot its scary.
Barney rather eat paper then his food.
Steve was too shy to say hello.


  1. aww lovely pictures, i love your pink room <3

  2. your room looks beautiful, i cannot wait to see!
    i have tagged/awarded you on my blog!
    enjoy, i think you will like!

  3. aww steve and barney. your desk is awesome! thankyou so much for my letter i love it, the paper is so cute. i will write to you as soon as i buy something to write on! love and hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  4. awww.... i adore i adore!
    your pink desk is tres magnifique.
    and i wish for your audery poster alot alot.

    love and hugs... and thank you for the garden fun with you and ola yesterday.
    see you friday!

  5. I think I am in love with your room!

  6. Awww, your room is lovely. The Mandy annuals (plus the other old annuals one can get from the 70s/80s) are really cool, especially for drawing. I used to have a Misty annual but it's got lost in the Land of the Lost.


  7. love the walls of your room - very colorful!

  8. i love the stripes on your wall! so cool. and i love all of the pictures (: i can totally relate with the too many books, so little room. i actually am organizing my room and got a bunch a books to sell.