Sunday, 14 June 2009

Going home...

Taking my work down, wrap within plastic and trapped up. ready for the drive home.The sand bag burst, emergency spill clear up. really funny tho knew i shouldn't of tried carring that heavy bag thinking it wouldn't split.
Empty cupboards

Empty spaces, a bare canvas, cold and lonely.
All my belonging gatherd waiting to be casted away within metal carcasses.

Top floor flat, views across Nottingham, memories.
My journey home begins, out of the busy city to the countryside. clean air.

My dad driving with a heavy load

Brother just behind us, crawling.

Bye bye university life, Hello real world.

Jammed, stuck on Darfort tunnel crossing
Still crawling alone, waiting toll booths

Nearly home.
My brother knows where he going and start racing dad, not too fast tho.

Packed in as a sardine.

1 comment:

  1. aw i love this post! shows the whole journey, reminds me of moving out of maples street. You need to put the sand spill pics on facebook :D Come back soon flower, I really hope your coming to alton towers xxxx