Sunday, 7 June 2009

"Letting them escape my body"

The hard work paid off. The private view evening my family come up to see the show and my boyfriends mum, shame James couldn't of been there. Well flowing through the studios with all the finished work and everyone parents and friends. It was very surreal that we are aurally have our private view after 3 year awaiting for this.

This is the floor plan I'm number 6.

My work within it space on clean white walls.
The work next door is Tom Duggan, which you can view on the website.
I made my own business, name cards so if you have found me through pick one of these up thank you and i will be making further works this summer. ( dint look at the pencil line)

This is my family from left to right Grandad (acting,lol) Dad, "little" brother Adam and my Nan

I had great feedback's from my family so they like it, which is always the scary part.

My bestest friends in the whole wide world Charlotte and Nicola their blogs are "under within my eyes" Nicola is also on my course so it was a big night for her too.
The Triangle

My Dad and Brother prating around within a students projections

Well me and Charlotte gave it a go too.
Have a look!!


  1. everything looks great hon! congratulations:]

  2. pretty interesting artworks, i really enjoy it.