Friday, 10 July 2009

Being Creative

Just want to say Thank you for all of you following me, really appreciated it. hope you enjoy my post in the future.
Waiting for my new job to start on Thursday I've been pottering around the house doing little creative things.These glass jars, jugs i brought at a brickerbrak for 50p each at a village fete.

I filled the short fat one with a section of my small old buttons, to the brim, most of them i found.

The tall thin one, i filled with small glass beads and emptied on these little jars, might fill them with sequins.Also this is my new mini project. a photo i took from Grandad garden which i am tonal sequins to fill the picture.
Little secret if you glue a thin piece of fabric on card and print an picture on it, through your computer picture it transfers your photo onto fabric.


  1. i love those little jars where did you get them from? <3

  2. ooh thanks for telling me ^.^ they're just sooo cute <3

  3. oh wow! i HEART the jars so much! amazing find!
    when can we hang out soon???

  4. I love how glittery your blog is!
    I've given you an award x

  5. you are always just so creative!

  6. wooowww,, u r so creative.

    r u an artist??