Monday, 13 July 2009

Fun Filled day

Ive not really drawn for 2 years so the other day i drew a photos of me and James which i am going to send him. In a parcel full of sweets and bits.

Driving thought the countryside, so peaceful.

An 14Th century pub, we stopped for Sunday Roast.
Once again a busy bumble beeeee at work.
Rye castle

Rye Church
A bargain at the boot fair with Nicola for £5 a really old tin and.....Filled full of old buttons
Interesting buttons
Barney in the pansy's. so mischievous

I will give this award to hummmmmmm.......

teacupsandbows pink and pretty

fromlina enchanting


  1. thanks so much ^.^ and lazy days area always the best!!

  2. you take such wonderful photos!
    and amazing button find!!!
    well done on the awards!!

  3. Wow I love love love your blog and your photos are just lovely!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. thank you!! :D this makes me so happy.
    what a cool button treasure tin!! i love that.

  5. these photos are wonderful, once again(:
    your drawing is so lovely, and i love your handwriting!

  6. wow, i absolutely LOVE your blog, i'm sad i never found it before this! it's so full of color and great photographs. it's officially one of my favorites :)

  7. wow, your blog is beautiful. literally

  8. That is such a sweet thought! (I am back!)

    Oh and the box full of buttons...heaven..