Monday, 6 July 2009

In touch with nature.

Found last year in in my summer student garden, didn't move, not even a flicker.

Pale pink rose, stunning. want to cover it in sequin.A grasshopper i found in my garden, so scared it was going to jump on me.
A county path leads to the unknown didn't walk , just sat and got sun beamed.A Butterfly trapped in my student flat last year, such beautiful colours.

Beautiful weeds, Horrible they might be but a hint of colour amongst the grass stands out from the green. A hint of colour that you cant miss.


  1. those photos are so beautiful

  2. loverly blog! i hope you don't mind but i added you to my links! stay sparkly! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! Nice blog! I love butterflies!

  4. Lovely Blog!
    all of your pictures with the glitter and such are uuber inspiring for me, so thanks a lot :)
    check out my blog if your bored :P

  5. beautiful photos once again! love the soft colors of the flowers and bright colors of the butterflies! soo pretty!