Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sequin Parcel

I got a amazing parcel today!! its exciting i got a massive bag of sequins brought from a wholesale i got every hue that i needed for my next piece of work and this is my final piece for my exhibition. i not sure to do just one piece or two.

This is my idea imagine this photo in black and white and where the sick is, its gonna be covered in sequins going off the fabric down the wall on to the floor all in sequins. this is not real sick it is tomato and basil cuppa soup mixed with corn flour and cold water. this it the 1st shot we did and it is my actuary reaching as the taste was disgusting. makes me feel sick just looking at it!


  1. Mandy!!!!! i want to bathe in your bead collection! i still can't believe you spent that much, your a hardcore beader.

    The sick is awesome! glad i wasn't at the flat to see it though, it looks real! aaand i probably would of PUKED fo' sho xxxx

  2. this is really clever tbh. xxx

  3. wow! look at all those sequins!! very cool.