Sunday, 19 April 2009


A really nice day. swinging in the park, so high you belly churns and you get butterfly's. not been on a swing in years i wanted to jump off but i was scared, even tho when i was younger i used to climb up so me and my friends sat on top of the swing frame and chatted for hours. going on the swings did bring back a lot of memories.

This is me feeling a bit sick, from eating a massive Mars bar ice cream, before going on the swings. never do that again he he!!


  1. Oh what fun! I haven't been on a swing in years either. It's a gorgeous day out today though...just might have to head to the park. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Miss K

  2. i love swinging (: the other day i went over to my friends house to play football, and i quit and just swung on her swingset (:

  3. -sigh-

    swings are sweet, so free!


    I love the pictures on the side panel.