Friday, 13 March 2009

Enchanting stuff

I been very naughty recently and brought a lot of DVD because I really fancied watching them, especially The Phantom of the opera as I had the masquerade song in my head for ages and had to watch it in full. It’s such a beautiful scene, I just stare at the background and the decoration of the set more than the characters, even thought their masks are so enchanting.

Like Moulin Rouge I love the way it is filmed and the angles the camera uses. The colour of each scene burst out of the screen so you fill part of the film. I do like Baz Luhrmann’s work even since I watched Romeo and Juliet when I was doing my GCSE’s. Even though i didn’t fully understand the language used but the whole picture gives you a clue what’s going on.


  1. i am in love with romeo and juliet after gcse's too!! its simply wonderful. i love clare danes!!

  2. wow. you are so adorable!!!!
    bless you!
    masquerade girl!