Wednesday, 25 March 2009

All that glitter!

me and my friend experimented with glitter and beads last week for her photographic course, plus i love having photos taken of me. he he
these are my two favourites out of about 100 we took. i wanted to focus on to my eye as i was making a beaded bruise on my paper face at the time.

these are my finished pieces so far, i working on a nose bleed at the moments, but i want them to be coming out the page and to be "pretty grotesque" my work not about female abuse but its about my sociology feelings within me.

i like making these it does take me ages as i working on size A0 paper, but i love standing back and seeing all the colours merge into one another. i get a wow feeling he he


  1. these are so pretty :D I wish I had thought of these~
    I tagged you on my blog under the entries :)

  2. the beaded bruised eye is genious

  3. Wow, your work is absolutely amazing!
    I am stunned!

    It's so original and ...pure...

    Have a great week!