Monday, 23 March 2009


Resently i keep on finding buttons and i not looking they care just in my eye view when i look down, and there one is. honestly i not looking.
I found this on in the mud on edge of the curb, the crip i was walking up to.

This i found on my flat main entrance on the way to work in the bag.

These i found in Nottingham cattle market on saturday when i got a massive mirror with gold trim for a bargin of £5

This i found when i was sitting outside a club, drunk waiting for everyone to get fish and chips it was next to a bus stop post.

All this has happened ever since my Nan gave me her old button tin. filled to the brim with old button. the tin was made by edward sharp & sons LTD of Maidstone, kent. i have found two more buttns a tiny pink one and a shiny white button but i cant seem to find them, they are somewhere safe. i no its freaky but i feel someone is placing these for me to find and wishing me goodluck and to be happy for the rest of the day.


  1. wow! i think this is so neat! i love buttons:] you know, you should do an art project with buttons!

  2. button, button, who got the button...
    you have!!
    love it.

  3. that so funny that you've been finding buttons everywhere! but i love buttons, i always keep everyone i find! hah