Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Wish list

Skirt and top Topshop, moto
Floral Skirt, with the most amazing buttons £45 made by jAm in Topshop
This is my favourite Frusia Pink, and sexy just needed the correct bra also in Topshop made by Quontum also the one below.

Jones and Jones above, very cute, backless,hole just need a party to go to.

jean dress/ shirt Pixie Lott by Lippy

Long black dress i have bought from primark £9 bargain really want a jean jacket to go with it.

I don't think i would have the guts to get my belly out unless i don't eat all day to keep a flat tummy but this would be nice to wear in my back garden also by moto, topshop.

Jean, jean, jean leotard do i say more. need it!!!

Not normal my cup of tea but fell in love with the hearts, £10 sale in Newlook didn't buy it tho might do tomorrow.

Also newlook £10 sale.

Today i went shopping in Oxford street i spent £9 on black dress from primark and windowed shop i had a lot of temptations tho.

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