Thursday, 20 May 2010


This time next week i will be in Cambridge seeing James is back from Falkland not seen him since January i so excited.

I got a wonderful letter last week from a fellow blogger Karolina she is my 1st blogger pen pal.

Charity shop bargains, Charlotte Church Bibliography for £1 really wanted it when i came out least i got it now Even tho its a bit old. Also i rummage and found some buttons in my Nan's Charity shop. i got all the floral ones.

Worried about the boy a episode about Boy George Early years i absolutely loved it. you much check it out.


  1. Hi hun, love the cute post :) and yes, I did get your letter and will be sending the answer soon. I'm not saying anything in here, you'll have to wait to find out. But I've got my fingers crossed for the job, that much I can tell you :)

  2. really cool and cute post ^^ love the photos!