Monday, 12 April 2010

Windy Windy day, went to rare breed centre again. I love going there as your can tickle all the animals, as it was lambing season we watch a sheep give birth it was so cute watching the lamb trying to stand up. There were lots of tiny piglets wanted to take them home with me. i was disappointed the butterfly room was closed til next month as they are the most interesting colour and great to photograph. i will prob go again soon tho. cant wait already!


  1. aww the little lambs are ever so adorable. i always see some on my car journey to my granny and paps, running about the fields. love the photos espcially the pigs ♥

  2. these are so cute! waiting for teh butterflies :)

  3. Awh! the animals are so sweet!
    I am glad i took a peek at your blog ~ you have fabulous, outrageous style! I love it! :) I adore playing around in makeup also, just for the fun of it!

    Pleased to meet you Mandy! :D

    April Skye xx