Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Monday

Very windy today, but i still put Steve and Barney out as they needed to cut the lawn. Most of the flowers are from my Grandad garden but the top two phone are from mine. I planted them in October.
Really wanted to go to the rare bread centre today but as its a bank holiday i think it would of been too busy so i will go sometime soon when children are back at school.
My Nan and Grandad are coming over for tea today i boiled some eggs to have with our ham salad.
Off to Bluewater shopping centre tomorrow with Nicola and Charlotte i cant wait i love shopping or just looking as i have no money to buy anything but i love to try things on any ways.
At the moment i am trying to make a video recording of my Guinea pigs doing silly things it not working but i will post it when i figure it out how to.

1 comment:

  1. yay more more from my paper heart!!! :)
    such beautiful images of flowers, you should do it for a living!!! :)
    i cannot wait for tomorrow! chats, laughs and friends hanging out! xxx