Monday, 23 November 2009

Pink inspiration

Recently i have joined the gym, A Virgin active gym 10mins walk from where i live. I have 30mins free personal trainer today and she really worked me hard. so hard i am home aching covered in tiger balm.
Ive always wanted toned abs and P!nk is my inspiration. her abs and her toned body.

I don't want to be skinny as i love being a size 12 if i went to a size 10 i look like a stick. I like to have fat in the right places

Marilyn Monroe one of my favourite idols. so voluptuous, curves in all the right places

Like Scarlett Johanson, bigger boobs then me but so curvy and not like a stick. i don't want to be a lolly pop girls. and bones sticking out. just want to be toned. i been going 3 times a week so far so i look good for Christmas. so i get a head start for new year diet lol i don't diet i no good as it, love my chocolate too much.

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