Tuesday, 4 August 2009

My days off

Preparing for an interview at Bristol to do a scenic art course very short notice i really want to have a career in theater and Artie.

These are some old works that i may show in my portfolio. Life drawing i love but i wish i had more training in it.

Cycle ride to Wye in the sun. i got sun burnt its hurts.

Cycling through a wheat field on my old bike. Really hard to ride through hope the farmer didn't mind.

My favorite animal Cow's. found a herd of them wondering about.
James is home soon. 20 days whoop woop. We are meeting in London to see each other for the first time for 3 months. We are going shopping if he like it or not.This is a new picture of him which i found on his Facebook. he look tired. cant wait to see him.

Thank you wonderlander for this award.
the Kreativ Blogger award! With this award, I have to tell you 7 interesting things about me....

1) I the only Blondie in my family.

2)I alway have painted toe nails.

3)I love to watch cooking programmes

4)I dont like clowns

5)Tulips are my favorite flowers

6)My boyfriend only uses black pens

7)I love to wear bight tights.

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  1. those are good works! i enjoyed reading the little facts about yourself, that's always so interesting <3