Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Girlie fun

On my days off this week i had some money to go shopping so i went to Lakeside with insidethecabinetofwonder Nicola.
We had Yo Sushi it was Nicola first time it was so nice. so much better then the Boots meal deal one.

I went to the Disney store (my favorite shop) and got a Mary Poppins dolls she so pretty.

Got some shoe from Primark and a dress ready for my holiday in a month.
Aldo my Dads girlfriends Nan gave me all her old buttons from her Nan so these are about 100 years old they are amazing
This is a hair clip i found within all the buttons.
These are some more but newer as you can tell

I took this photo of my wardrobe as i have so much pattern and coloured clothing it all clashes but that what makes me.


  1. love this post! you look a little crazy in the first picture mandy!! hehe.
    love the new buttons, i want the triange one.
    wonderful photos! :)

  2. Oh my god, those buttons are beautifull!!! I'd tear off all exsisting buttons on my cardies and replace them with these babies! deffo!

    HECK..I'd put them on things that don't need buttons! ye lucky swine xxxx

  3. Oh yes! those shoes are so comfy! I got the black ones last year and I still wear them now!xx

  4. oh it looks like you had such a lovely time! these photos are so cute and those yo sushi things are so funny when the little bowls move around the side thingy ^^

  5. oh, gee, i think i love that mary poppins doll!
    wanna share?
    you lucky little thing, you.
    ps. i keep meaning to comment on your default photo, because THAT my dear is just gorgeous. i like glitter, too :O lol
    great blog! x