Thursday, 4 August 2011

an exciting week, been painting for a least 3 hours a day, as i hopefully get a stall for Pride, In Brighton, It would be amazing, I'm gonna dress up in Burlesque and wear my hair above. All my new work is on my other blog where i update most days with new work.

Brucy came round yesterday to mend my bike as i had a flat tyre, then we went for a walk along the beach as it was a so so hot day.

Steve Barney and Jester up to mistrive exspically Jester as normally, he play with the mouse on the computer screen as i speak.

So thats me all updated with you, speak soon xx

Excusse the Spelling cant seem to change it!!

Also do you Know The Secret???


  1. aw brucey! <3!
    you're thinking about getting a stall??! awesome! will you sell all your paintings? i am so excited for you. you will look fab with your cute little hat on. i love it.