Thursday, 14 July 2011

and so on!

Well i not been blogging much, i know naughty of me.
Glastonbury was amazing i loved it, Clare Magire, i was right at the front well worth the wait and the push to the rails!! and went with my bestest mates!!

Where do i start, firstyly i am now a fitness instuctor, so keeping people fit and myself even tho i am addictied to choclate. Made some lovely friends, a unicycle stipper Paisleyx that im training at the moment to tone even more, also Miss Evie an irish burlesque dancer, she so lovely!!

Men!!!!! well ive been on a dating website for a while and not really found Mr right as yet, but i might be soon as ive been dating a guy Mr B for 6weeks now looking good not scared him away yet!! hehehe (Picture Below LOVE)

I have some new art work on my other blog please check it out

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  1. It looks like it must have been so much fun :) I hope everything's ok with you and that you received the letter I sent a while back :)