Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My grand age of 24!

Saturday 19th February, Nicola, Charlotte, Laura, Claire and Mel all came to sunny (not) Brighton to spend my Birthday weekend with me. we did lots of shopping, eating sweets and cakes. I dragged them along to karaoke where everyone sang as we had a booth to ourselves, it was so much fun, so much so that my friends and 1i lost our voices after to hours of non stop singing, we went to revenge after which the music was ace maybe because it was a gay bar, i didn't think we stood out like a saw thumb, but i didn't care. these my photos!!
OMG Charlotte and Nicola the triangle trio made me my own this is your life book, amazing love it and them so much


New bike, my Mum got me for my Bday vintage 1985, going to cycle to work tomo yay!!!

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