Thursday, 3 June 2010

Blew a kiss

Three days with James in Cambridge, Nice sunny weather, green grass, Magical dinner dates, Primark shopping for him. little sweetie boutiques for me. blew kisses and watch Robin hood.
Seven weeks till i see him again, already started counting


  1. how come you went to Cambridge? is that parkers piece you are on? xox

  2. yeah it is my hometown :) back for the summer now! I fully recommend a bicycle ride! or some punting! there is a place called mill pond which is great for picnics and right next to the punt place (and a pub if you want a cheeky bevvy) !
    OH and visit a shop called Ark, lovely stuff :) xox

  3. oh dear even though we have to miss those that we love it's so beautiful to have that someone to dream about don't you think?