Friday, 12 March 2010

March already

I had a parcel the other day it was this pink dress from my Bf James and i loved it, such a suprice, i love surprices

Went to Brighton on Tuesday with my two bestest mates Nicola ( ) and Charlotte ( ) Had lots of fun, shopping eating sweets and have giggles on buses.

Steve and Barney had been out in the garden this week as its been really sunny, they munch all the fresh glass. They are so happy when they are outside they squeek more.

This is a photo i found after seaching a very long time of my models i did for my scenic art experince i made the small London model at the side of the stage. These were featured in posts i did in October, November time if you want to seach on my older posts

This is my other blog if you want to have a look Inside my sketch book!!!!!

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  1. oooh mandy!!! you didnt tell me about that AMAZING DRESS!!! well done james. hope you are ok. the photos of us laughing, being chilled and relaxed are the best. they show the true us. i love you super muchy! :D
    ps, well done on the amazing models i can see! xx