Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Glitter Party

My 23rd Birthday
All you can eat Chinese with my bestest friends
A night out on the town
Two birthday cakes my friend Mel (above) made me a Mary Poppins cake yummy

Mr Kiplin make this one for me

Thank you every one that sent me birthday wishes, I have a wonderful day and night. I got lots of cards and my mother gave me Runes to help me decide my future.

Oh and by the way i got a job whoop 2 months waiting i am going to be a support worker of disabled adults just waiting to start.


  1. oh my good god, I always wondered what one of those giant french fancies looked like on the inside....now I know, I want one more than ever!!!

    Really wish I could of come down :( seems like only 5 minutes ago we were all in haha's eating creme brulee!
    Miss you tons, hope you had a wicked day