Saturday, 5 September 2009

Billy goat gruff

As my summer job is over i spending quality time with my Dad. We went to the rare breeds centre in Woodchurch, Kent.

These goats were adorable they didn't try to eat my clothes either.

Cutes ever 14 piglets.... eating my shoes

A mother having a nap.

Feeding time.

Couldn't resist another cuddle

A family of Guinea pigs.
A goats balls so funny they must get in the way when he walking.
Heard of cows lots of different breeds.

A Butterfly Farm

The hungry Caterpillar

A dead bird sad but so beautiful like sleeping.

A dude of a sheep

Love birds

Busy bees
and.. piglets again eating my shoes it tickled.

Thank you Sara and linathis award states that i have to tell 10 things about myself
1) I Love buttons
2) I would like a cow as a pet some day
3)I wear make-up every day
4) Is my lucky number
5) Steve my guinea pig chases after bird in the garden he is from G-Force lol
6)Love Tesco chocolate spread
7) My Dad is my best friend
8)I have black nail varnish on my toes
9) Always wear my MANDY necklace
10) I done similar award to this 3 times
I give this too


  1. love the photos! expecially the ones of the butterflies, caterpillar and bees!
    thanks for the award(:

  2. Thank you dear =)
    Love the sheep dude ;)

  3. lovely photos! the piglets are adorable :) the ones of the insects must be lovely too, but for an insectophobic like me, well, i just passed the page down as quick as i could :))! oh my.

    the music here on your blog is very lovely too.

    much love <3

  4. omg. so cute! i absolutely love the little bumblebees. they look so cozy and warm and cuddly.